The Open 3D Engine thrives with the help of various committees

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) provides technical leadership and oversight for the Project, while the Marketing/Outreach Committee develops and implements initiatives to optimize the Project’s visibility and foster a diverse, thriving community. Get in touch with us at or connect with us through our social media channels - we look forward to collaborating to make great things happen!

Nicole Huesman

Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

Ruth Suehle

Director of Open Source, SAS

Erik Jacobs

Senior Manager, Customer & Field Engagement, Red Hat

Amy Marrich

Open Source Evangelist, Red Hat

Ivy Zheng

Global Communications Manager, Lightspeed Studios

Kieran McNair

Marketing Executive, Kythera AI

Song Peng

Engineer, Huawei Technologies

Jake Jones

Senior Communication Manager, Epic Games

Yuyi Hsu

Principal/UX Manager, AWS Game Tech

David Holladay

Head of AWS Game Tech Marketing

Stephen Jacobs

Director, Open@RIT, a Key Research Center and Open Programs Office at Rochester Institute of Technology

Roddie Kieley

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Tobias Alexander Franke

Principal Game Engine Architect, Huawei

Karl Berg

Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Nicholas Lawson

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