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O3DE Birds of a Feather Session at SIGGRAPH 2024


Location: Colorado Convention Center

Event date: 29 Jul, 2024


Join us for an O3DE Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at SIGGRAPH.

To attend, you must be registered for SIGGRAPH.

Understanding and Customizing The O3DE Render Pipeline by Galib Arrieta.

O3DE, a full-featured, real-time MIT/Apache2 open source 3D engine, can be used to create high-fidelity games, robotic simulations and immersive 3D worlds. This session will focus on explaining how the O3DE Render Pipeline works, how to leverage its data driven nature, and in general how to customize it to suit your needs or artistic preferences. We will also discuss some endeavors to help O3DE move forward in the film/video space.

O3DE is a fairly new Open Source game engine, so this talk hopes to raise awareness of the advantages of the rendering architecture of O3DE,  educate 3D graphics practitioners about the importance of a data driven and modular renderer and share best practices on how to make the O3DE renderer “your own”.

This is a talk for Graphics Engineers and Technical Artists who are familiar with developing graphics features for games or real-time simulations.

For more event details and registration information, please visit the event website.

To view the session on the schedule, please visit the Open Source Days agenda.

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