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Location: Virtual

Event date: 12 Jun, 2024

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We extend a warm invitation to all of our friends and colleagues in the Open 3D community—and the broader 3D computing ecosystem—to join us for Open 3D Connect.

Wednesday, June 12th join and hear from Sid Moudgil as he goes over the O3DE Renderer.
The talk will dive into various parts of the renderer, how they work together in a data driven modular fashion. Specifically we will touch on the pass system, RPI tagging system to help data drive various features, render pipelines, material and shader related tooling. The talk will wrap up with a quick overview of the RHI layer which consists of the DirectX12, Vulkan and Metal backend.

These monthly virtual meetups provide a golden opportunity to:

Build new connections
Get to know the faces behind the usernames, and foster camaraderie among other individuals who share a passion for 3D technology, through collaborative discussions.

Learn about O3DE
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, community-driven share sessions are tailored to accommodate all levels of expertise, with guidance, step-by-step demos, and insightful tips and tricks.

Get your questions answered
Have questions that need answers? Ever find yourself stuck, or just curious? These meetups are the perfect forum to interact with experts and fellow community members alike.
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Come join us for Open 3D Connect, where learning, sharing, and connecting are at the heart of our vibrant community.

Wednesday, July 10, 8-9 am PT
Wednesday, August 14, 8-9 am PT
Wednesday, September 11, 8-9 am PT
Wednesday, October 9, 8-9 am PT
Wednesday, November 13, 8-9 am PT
Wednesday, December 11, 8-9 am PT

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