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Vulkanized 2024


Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Event date: 05 Feb, 2024

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Join us at Vulkanized 2024, the flagship event dedicated to bringing developers together to exchange ideas, solve problems and help steer the future development of the Vulkan API and ecosystem. 

Learn more about the Open 3D Engine during this presentation from graphics engineer Akio Gaule, and to connect with him during the conference:

Mastering Chaos: Navigating Vulkan Synchronization on the Open 3D Engine (O3DE)
Mastering Vulkan synchronization proves one of the toughest challenges due to its learning curve. This session will focus on O3DE engine’s synchronization management. From collecting the relevant information at a user level, identifying resource dependencies through a framegraph approach, and strategically emitting synchronization primitives at the RHI (render hardware interface) level. The talk also delves into O3DE’s synchronization optimization strategies, by leveraging a global vision of a complete frame to precisely time and manage resource usage. The discussion also touches on how O3DE collects synchronization information from users in a simplified and transparent way, abstracting them from all the synchronization intricacies and implementation specific behaviors.

For more information about the conference, please visit the official event webpage:
Vulkanized 2024


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