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The Core SIG oversees continuous development of O3DE related to core frameworks, behavior context, serialization, code reflection, packaging, AZCore and AZFramework. This SIG manages the core systems needed by O3DE and its libraries to fulfill engine requirements, such as memory management, application startup and file input/output.

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  • Responsible for the keybind and controller framework system
  • Design and implement localization framework for editor and project runtime.
  • Publish and maintain localization data format structure
  • Maintain behavior context, edit context, serialization contexts, and code reflections frameworks and systems.
  • Create framework for exposing profiling and metrics data that can be collected
  • Maintain generic node based scripting framework and data representation model
  • Maintain asset catalog, asset processor, and builder systems and framework
  • Maintain Packaging artifact and catalog system
  • Design and Maintain asynchronous loading stream system
  • Maintain Prefab system
  • Maintain Core system libraries AZCore, and AZFramework libraries
  • Maintain Editor python bindings framework
  • Maintain Logging and Trace systems and frameworks
  • Publish and maintain list of use case examples for each subsystem of AZCore

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