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Game Development

In the Open 3D Engine, game developers have an open source, freely available, high-fidelity, AAA-capable, uniquely modular solution, driven by a vibrant community to build their next creative project.

As creators, we yearn to build rich virtual worlds that come alive in players’ imaginations. We dream of crafting interactive experiences that transport people to fantastical places, stir their emotions, and inspire meaningful connections. At the core of bringing our creative visions to life is the game engine – the canvas on which we paint our digital masterpieces.

Commercial game engines have historically reigned supreme, often imposing high costs and restrictive terms. But the tides are shifting. A vibrant ecosystem of open source game engines has emerged, empowering developers with more freedom and flexibility. Unburdened by proprietary restrictions, we can now sculpt authentic gaming experiences on our own terms.

The benefits of an open source engine are profound. With full access to the engine’s inner workings, we can customize it to best suit our project’s unique needs. If we hit a roadblock, the community is there to guide us through. And when our game is complete, we can give back by contributing improvements to help the next generation of creators.

The future of open game development looks bright. Join us on our journey.


  • Highly modular and configurable, allowing you to customize the engine for your specific needs by adding or removing features at will
  • Well-suited for larger, high-fidelity, photorealistic projects with AAA capabilities
  • Project-centric solution that can be integrated into your current workflow, as a complement to your existing tools

The O3DE’s Multiplayer Sample Game provides client and dedicated server reference implementations of common game elements at play to help game developers jumpstart new projects. With support for up to 10 players, this game also delivers key examples of  integrations with O3DE systems like terrain, lighting, audio, scripting, VFX and more. It also utilizes the Atom Renderer’s advanced features to achieve its visual goals, including global illumination, cascade shadows, emissive surfaces, bounce lighting, temporal anti-aliasing, and hybrid reflections (screen space and ray tracing).



We’re continuously amazed by the innovative applications our community dreams up. Whatever your vision, O3DE aims to provide a flexible framework and tools to make it achievable. And when you create something incredible, we’ll help showcase your work to eager audiences far and wide. The future of interactive 3D content is bright, and we’re honored to take this journey with you.


We believe innovation thrives in inclusive spaces where diverse perspectives come together. That’s why we welcome anyone passionate about advancing O3DE – whether you’re an architect, programmer, writer, reviewer, content creator, community manager, developer advocate, or any other role. There are countless ways to get involved and make an impact. Bring your unique skills and ideas to the table – we’d love to have you be part of this exciting open source effort!

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