The Content SIG oversees continuous development of O3DE related to the editor framework, content workflows, terrain, visual and scripting languages, and asset processor.

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  • Design and maintain generic editor framework including related system components
  • Design and maintain undo/redo functionality
  • Design and maintain keybind and controller assignments, but not the underlying runtime or handler
  • Design and maintain timeline sequence editor that interfaces and allows record/playback of data changes for entities and components. (TrackView)
  • Implement and maintain localization framework for editor
  • Design and maintain 2D runtime and edit time UI solution (LyShine)
  • Design and maintain primitive 3D geometry creation and editing tool (White Box)
  • Design and maintain generic node based editor and workflow system (Graph canvas/ Script Canvas)
  • Design and publish design and workflow templates, examples, and guidelines.
  • Design and maintain a Lua based script editor with collection of objects exposed to Lua for debugging
  • Maintain Lua language integration
  • Maintain Prefab workflows
  • Maintain AZTools Framework
  • Maintain Qt for Python bindings
  • Design and maintain asset editor – Editing generic assets (lists of X / Y) vegetation, physics/etc – generic presentation layer for anything presented – sidecar serialization extra data
  • Design and maintain a generic system to find, preview, and select referenceable assets usable to the editor (asset browser)
  • Design and implement Asset Processor reporting console tool
  • Design and implement installation and update tool
  • Design and implement tool automation to support python based editor control
  • Generalized overall scope of work

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