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The Docs and Community SIG maintains technical documentation and blogs, the publishing infrastructure for the O3DE website, API reference building pipelines, and other community resources. The SIG focuses on delivering learning content ( and ensuring a collaborative, accepting environment for all (o3de/community).

Ready to contribute with like-minded community members?


  • Content of the Open 3D Engine user & developer guides
  • Documentation for core Gems that ship with Open 3D Engine, including the Atom renderer
  • Minimum viable API documentation standards
  • Documentation requirements for engineering contributions
  • Technical blogs, samples, demos, tutorials, and training
  • Managing forums, Discord, and other community engagement channels


Note: The SIG is not responsible for maintaining and writing all documentation. It’s expected that engineers will write appropriate minimum viable documentation for each feature that they submit, though the SIG members may assist with review, editorial, and cleanup after the initial draft.

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