The Simulation SIG oversees continuous development of O3DE related to modeling real-world processes that evolve over time, including physics, animation, AI, robotics and other simulation-related topics. Responsibilities include ensuring efficient runtime performance and stability of all simulation operations, and keeping pace with the latest developments in simulation technology.

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  • Physics API (AzFramework/Physics), physics related Gems (e.g. PhysX Gem) and physics tools
  • Maintenance of the O3DE fork of PhysX 5
  • Animation systems, EMotionFX math library, related Gems (e.g. EMotionFX Gem) and animation tools
  • Character physics (e.g. character controllers, gravity, ragdolls)
  • Cloth simulation (e.g. NvCloth Gem)
  • Destruction (e.g. Nvidia Blast Gem)
  • Debugging tools for simulations
  • Exposing simulation features to scripting (Script Canvas, Lua, Python)
  • Editor “Simulate” mode (Ctrl+P)
  • Shape components (in co-operation with sig-content)
  • AI systems (e.g. pathfinding, behavior trees)
  • Robotics systems (e.g. ROS2 Gem) and sample projects (e.g. Robot Vacuum and Fruit Picking)
  • Potential future simulation features (e.g. fluids, particles)

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