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From Roblox to RIT: The Evolution of Liam Alexiou’s Game Design Journey

By O3DE | 13 Feb, 2024 | 4 min read

Liam Alexiou, a talented 3D artist from the Project Eureka team and a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, shares his passion for game development, his role in the project, and valuable insights he has gained along the way.

Meet Liam Alexiou, 3D Artist

Liam Alexiou, the artistic mind behind the visuals of Team Plutinite’s State of Matter game, introduces himself as a game design and development student with a remarkable 12 years of experience in 3D art. He began his game design journey in Roblox as a means of escaping the world and channeling his creativity. The allure of game design compelled Liam to choose the Rochester Institute of Technology, a top-ranked game design degree program in the U.S, for his education.

Hopes, Dreams & Aspirations

When asked why he pursued game development, Liam’s passion shines through. He shares his love for creating games and handcrafted art. Liam aspires to make someone’s favorite game; money and fame aren’t paramount. His ultimate goal is to bring joy and happiness to players, creating memorable experiences through his games. His deep admiration for sci-fi aesthetics inspires him to strive for accuracy and bring concept art to life in his designs.

Liam’s Role in Project Eureka

Transitioning from being a prop artist to the sole artist in charge of environment props, character props, texturing, and lighting, Liam took on significant responsibilities within the Project Eureka team. The game’s visuals were inspired by the Metroid series and Portal. Liam’s personal goal was to ensure that the visuals of the game are visually pleasing and believable, and that the game’s space feels livable. Developing terrain and texturing were particularly rewarding experiences for him.

Overcoming Challenges

Like any creative endeavor, game development presented its fair share of challenges. Liam mentions facing technical and artistic hurdles throughout the process. The team liaised with the AWS team, seeking solutions for engine-related issues. While some issues took longer to address, the dedicated collaboration between the teams ensured steady progress. Liam, with his backlog of tutorial videos, honed his skills and overcame growing pains by investing time and effort into learning.

Insights & Advice

Reflecting on his game development journey, Liam shares valuable insights and advice for aspiring developers. He emphasizes the challenges of creating modular assets and stresses that developers not overlook level design, particularly when aiming for a realistic setting. Drawing inspiration from the success of puzzle-based games like Portal, Liam suggests that making level design sensical adds depth to the player’s experience.

Looking Ahead

With a passion for modeling and a dedicated approach to self-improvement, Liam is excited about the future. He plans to expand his portfolio and work on his passion project, delving deeper into his artistic pursuits.

Liam’s Favorite Game

When asked about his favorite game, Liam finds it difficult to choose just one. However, he finally settles on “Mordhau,” a medieval sword fighting game. Liam highlights the immersive experience and the gripping gameplay that make Mordhau a standout choice.

In Closing

Our interview with Liam Alexiou highlights his passion, dedication, and talent as a game developer. From his humble beginnings in Roblox to his contributions to the Project Eureka team, Liam’s journey is an inspiring testament to the possibilities of game development. As he continues to hone his skills and explore new horizons, we eagerly await Liam’s future contributions to the gaming industry.

Thank you, Liam Alexiou, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Your creative journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring game developers worldwide.

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